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Why Bettas Need Snails: The Benefits of Snail Tank Mates

Betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting fish, are popular aquarium pets due to their vibrant colors and intriguing personalities. While Bettas can thrive in a tank on their own, many fish enthusiasts enjoy adding tank mates for Bettas to create a more dynamic aquatic environment.

One popular choice as a Betta tank mate are snails. In this article, we will explore why Bettas need snails, how to introduce snails to a Betta tank, the best types of snails for Betta tanks, and how to feed and care for snails in a Betta tank.

Why Bettas Need Snails

Bettas require a clean and well-maintained tank for optimal health and happiness. Snails can aid in tank maintenance by feeding on the algae in the tank.

Algae growth is a common issue in aquariums and can cause water quality to deteriorate. Snails can help to prevent this by consuming the algae and keeping the tank clean.

In this way, snails act as natural cleaners for Betta tanks, reducing the need for human intervention. Another benefit of snails in a Betta tank is their ability to aerate the substrate.

Snails will burrow into the substrate, stirring it up and increasing oxygen levels for plants and other inhabitants of the tank. This can be especially helpful in tanks that do not have a filter.

Feeds on the Algae in Your Tank

As mentioned earlier, snails can be an excellent solution to controlling algae growth in your tank. Algae is not only unsightly but can also produce a thick layer on top of the water, blocking the Bettas access to oxygen and making it harder for them to breathe.

By keeping the algae under control, not only are snails keeping the tank clean, but they are also protecting the Betta fish.

Aerating the Substrate

The burrowing action of snails also serves to keep the substrate well-aerated. Live plants need good oxygen levels to thrive and an oxygen-deficient substrate can spell doom for your plants.

Snails can help this problem by stirring up the substrate and also by producing waste, which in turn acts as a fertilizer. In this way, snails can help to create an ecosystem that is beneficial for both plants and fish.

How to introduce snails as Betta Tank Mates

When introducing snails to a Betta tank, it is crucial to take things slowly and carefully. Sudden changes in water parameters can be stressful for both Bettas and snails.

To acclimate snails to the Betta tank, follow these steps:

– Start by placing the snail in a small container with some tank water. – Allow the snail to adjust to its new environment over the course of a day or two.

– Gradually add more tank water to the container over the next few days until the container is full with tank water. – Slowly introduce the snail to the tank by floating the container on the surface of the tank water for ten to fifteen minutes at a time, gradually increasing the duration of these floats.

– Once you are confident that the snail is acclimated to the tank water, you can release it into the Betta tank.

Types of Snails for Betta Tanks

Different species of snails will have varying impacts on the aquarium ecosystem. When choosing the type of snail to add to your Betta tank, consider factors such as the snails size, behavior, and diet.

Snails that are particularly well-suited to Betta tanks include:

– Mystery Snails: These snails are relatively large and are welcome additions to the tank, as they are peaceful and do not bother the Betta fish. – Nerite Snails: These small snails are known for their appetite for algae and can help to keep the tank clean.

– Ramshorn Snails: These are also a small species of snail and can help to keep the tank clean by feeding on algae.

The Best Plants for a Betta Aquarium with Snails

Plants can also be a great addition to your Betta tank and can contribute to a healthy ecosystem. When choosing plants to add to your tank, look for those that are compatible with the conditions in your aquarium.

Some great options include:

– Java Fern: A hardy plant that is low maintenance and great for beginners. – Amazon Sword: A larger plant that requires more nutrients but is great for creating cover for Betta fish.

– Anubias: A slow-growing plant that can be attached to decorations or driftwood and is great for adding visual interest to the tank.

How to Feed Snails in a Betta Tank

Snails are generally low-maintenance and do not require much feeding. In fact, they can survive on the algae that grows in the tank.

However, if you do want to supplement their diets, you can feed them blanched vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, or zucchini. Just make sure to remove any uneaten food after a few hours to avoid contaminating the tank.

How Often Should You Clean a Tank with Snails? It is important to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule for tanks with snails as the waste they produce can impact water quality.

How often you need to clean your Betta tank with snails will depend on multiple factors, such as the size of your tank, the number and size of snails you have, and how much they eat. A general rule of thumb is to clean the tank every two to four weeks, performing a water change of approximately 20% of the tanks volume.

Are There Any Risks of Keeping Snails in a Betta Tank? Like all creatures, snails have some downsides that need to be considered before adding them to your Betta tank.

For example, introducing too many snails to a small tank can lead to overcrowding and negatively impact water quality. Additionally, some species of snails can reproduce very quickly and may overpopulate the tank, which can cause stress to the Betta fish and negatively impact the tanks ecosystem.

How to Tell If Your Betta Loves the New Snail Friends

Bettas can be very social and curious creatures, and they may enjoy the presence of their new snail tank mates. Signs that your Betta is comfortable with the snails include swimming around them, investigating them, and even resting near them.

However, it is important to monitor their interactions to ensure that the Betta is not harassing or attacking the snails.


Snails can be an excellent addition to Betta tanks, as they can help to maintain tank cleanliness while adding diversity to the ecosystem. If you plan to add snails to your Betta tank, do so gradually and choose species that are compatible with the conditions in your aquarium.

With proper care and attention, snails can thrive in a Betta tank and contribute to a healthy environment for all of your aquarium inhabitants. In conclusion, snails can be valuable tank mates for Betta fish due to their ability to control algae growth, aerate substrate, and add to the overall diversity of the aquatic ecosystem.

To introduce snails to a Betta tank, take things slowly and choose snail species that are optimal for your aquarium’s conditions. Snails are generally low maintenance, but it is important to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule to ensure optimal water quality.

With proper care and attention, snails can thrive in a Betta tank and contribute to a healthy and thriving environment that both you and your fish can enjoy.

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