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Thriving in a Tiny Tank: A Beginner’s Guide to 5-Gallon Fish Tanks

5 Gallon Fish Tank: A Beginner’s Guide

When considering a fish tank, a common question people ask is what size they should get. While larger tanks may seem like a better option, smaller tanks can be a great starting point for those new to the hobby.

A 5-gallon fish tank may be small, but it can still be home to a variety of aquatic life, including shrimp, bettas, gobies, and even small reef setups.

Planted Shrimp Tank

One popular option for a 5-gallon tank is a planted shrimp tank using the Walstad method. This method involves creating a natural ecosystem in the tank, with the plants and substrate creating a self-sustaining environment.

This type of tank is ideal for freshwater shrimp, such as cherry or crystal red shrimp. In addition to shrimp, you can also add snails and various small fish, like neon tetras or guppies, as long as they aren’t too aggressive.

To set up this type of aquarium, start by adding a substrate of soil and sand. Add a layer of gravel on top to keep the plants in place.

Choose low-light plants, like Java moss, anubias and java fern, and arrange them to your liking. For lighting, use a small LED or fluorescent bulb, with a timer to maintain a consistent lighting schedule.

A sponge filter is recommended to maintain water quality, and regular testing and water changes are necessary to ensure healthy and happy shrimp.

Betta Fish Tank

Another popular option for a 5-gallon tank is a betta fish tank. Because bettas are a solitary fish, a smaller tank is adequate, and they can be kept alone.

However, you can add snails, like nerite or mystery snails, as companions. When setting up a betta fish tank, make sure you have a filter, heater, and suitable decorations, like hiding places and plants.

Bettas prefer a warm water temperature between 78F to 82F, and the filter will keep the water clean and aerated. It’s important to note that bettas require frequent water changes – about 20-30% of the water should be changed each week, or more frequently if needed.

Also, watch for signs of illness or stress, such as lethargy or loss of color. If you notice any such signs, seek advice from a professional aquarium store immediately.

Pico Goby Tank (Saltwater)

For those interested in a saltwater tank, a 5-gallon tank can be a perfect fit for a small reef setup or a pico goby tank. A pico goby tank can be set up with a single goby or a group of gobies, like neon or clown gobies.

These small fish are best suited for nano tanks due to their size.

To set up a pico goby tank, you’ll need live rock and sand, which will provide the foundation for the ecosystem.

Gobies often form symbiotic relationships with pistol shrimp, which burrow into the sand and create hiding places for the gobies. A heater is necessary to maintain a stable water temperature.

Also, salinity testing and regular water top-ups are necessary to ensure the water parameters stay within a safe range.

Pico Reef Tank (Saltwater)

For those interested in a reef setup, a pico reef tank can be a rewarding challenge, and a 5-gallon tank can be perfect for a small but thriving ecosystem. A reef tank requires a more careful balance of water parameters than a fish-only setup.

For a pico reef tank, choose a small coral, like zoanthids or mushroom coral. Also, add some small invertebrates, like snails or hermit crabs, to maintain the health of the coral.

Maintaining a pico reef tank requires careful attention to the water chemistry, namely temperature, alkalinity and water flow. Regular testing, water changes, and topping up with RO/DI water can ensure that these parameters stay within the safe range for the coral and other inhabitants.

How Big Is A 5-Gallon Fish Tank? A 5-gallon fish tank measures approximately 16 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 10 inches high, making it an ideal size for a desktop or a small space.

However, it’s important to note that while a small tank can be a great starting point, it can be more difficult to maintain than larger tanks. A smaller tank requires more frequent maintenance, such as water changes and testing, to keep the water safe and healthy for the fish and other aquatic life.

In conclusion, a 5-gallon fish tank can be a great option for those interested in starting a small aquarium. Whether you choose a planted shrimp tank, betta fish tank, pico goby tank, or pico reef tank, there are plenty of options to create a thriving ecosystem in a small space.

However, it’s important to note that a smaller tank requires more attention and maintenance than larger tanks to ensure the health and happiness of the fish and other aquatic life. 3) Is a 5-gallon fish tank good for a betta?

Betta fish are a popular choice for small aquariums, and a 5-gallon fish tank can be a suitable home for a betta as long as it is set up properly and maintained well. However, a 5-gallon tank is the bare minimum for a single betta fish, and a larger tank is always recommended, as it will be a more comfortable space for the fish to live in.

When setting up a 5-gallon betta fish tank, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, the tank needs to be equipped with a filter to ensure proper water circulation and quality.

Choose a filter that is appropriate for the size of the tank, and make sure it is set up correctly. Any decorations in the tank should be non-toxic and suitable for the betta fish.

Live or artificial plants can add to the tank’s aesthetic appeal and offer hiding places for the betta to rest. In terms of equipment, a heater is also necessary to keep the water temperature stable, as betta fish thrive in water temperatures between 78F to 82F.

A light source is also recommended to encourage plant growth and provide additional ambient light. The tank should be topped with a fitted lid to prevent the betta fish from jumping out, and to keep debris and dust out of the tank.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a betta fish tank is performing regular water changes. For a 5-gallon tank, it’s recommended to change about 20-30% of the water each week.

This will help keep the water clean and healthy for the betta fish, and also help prevent the buildup of harmful chemicals. Another important factor to consider when keeping betta fish is that they prefer to live alone.

Betta fish are known to be aggressive towards other fish, and may harm or even kill them if they are housed together. As such, it’s best to keep a betta fish alone in a 5-gallon tank.

4) Top 4 Fish Tank Choices

Choosing the right fish tank can be a daunting task, with so many different options available. Here are four top choices for fish tanks:


Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon – This glass aquarium is an excellent choice for those interested in pico reefs or freshwater plants. The kit comes with an internal filter, LED lighting, and a plastic lid with intake slots.

The compact size of the tank makes it ideal for any small space. 2.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit, Energy Efficient LEDs – This bowfront designed, clear acrylic tank is perfect for freshwater fish and comes with a Whisper Internal Power Filter, Bio-Bag Filter Cartridge, and a fitted lid with LED lighting. 3.

Top Fin Engage 5 Gallon Aquarium – This glass tank comes with HydroChange Technology, an internal filter, and LED lighting, including a white LED lighting mode and an outflow spigot. The rectangular shape of the tank is easy to fit into any space, and the HydroChange Technology feature allows for quick and easy water changes.

4. MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit – This tall and elegant glass aquarium is equipped with LED lighting, mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration, a glass lid, and intake slots.

The unique shape and design add style to any small space. Each of these tanks comes with its pluses and minuses, so it’s important to do your research and determine the best fit for you and your aquatic pets.

No matter what choice you make, maintaining a healthy and thriving aquatic environment is essential for the long-term well-being of your fish. In conclusion, a 5-gallon fish tank can be a great starting point for those new to the hobby, and can serve as a suitable home for a variety of aquatic life, including shrimp, bettas, gobies, and small reef setups.

When setting up a fish tank, it’s important to choose the right tank size, equipment, and aquatic life to ensure a healthy and thriving environment. Whether you choose a planted shrimp tank, betta fish tank, or pico reef tank, regular maintenance and attention to water quality are crucial for the health of your aquatic pets.

By following the tips and advice provided in this article, you can create a beautiful and enriching environment for both you and your aquatic pets to enjoy.

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