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Discover the Benefits of Stratum Fluval: The Versatile Planted Aquarium Substrate

When creating a planted aquarium or adding shrimps, it’s essential to have the right substrate. A good substrate more often than not is the foundation of a healthy planted aquarium.

Not only does it provide necessary nutrients to plants, but it also supports the growth of nitrifying bacteria, which helps to maintain the water quality in the tank. This is where Stratum Fluval comes into the picture.

Stratum Fluval is a volcanic foothill substrate created by Fluval, designed specifically for planted aquariums. It’s an all-natural option that has been known to promote healthy aquatic plant growth when used as a substrate.

Let’s explore some of the features of Stratum Fluval in detail. Stratum Fluval Specs and Features:


One of the main selling points of Stratum Fluval is its versatility.

It’s suitable for different aquarium sizes, ranging from small nano aquariums to larger tanks. Its versatile enough to be used in both planted aquariums and for terrestrial plants.

The texture of the substrate makes it easy for the roots of plants to penetrate, allowing for healthy growth. This is especially important if you’re planting plants that need a lot of nutrients and root support.

So, whether you want to create an aquascape in a small bowl or a large aquarium, Stratum Fluval is an excellent substrate choice. Nutritional Benefits:

Stratum Fluval is an organic substrate made from volcanic terrains.

This makes it rich in minerals and beneficial nutrients that support plant growth. The substrate contains all the earthy minerals and nutrients, essential to promote healthy plant growth.

It contains iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, all of which are crucial for plant growth. This substrate is also known to help buffer the water’s pH level, making it more suitable for planted aquariums.

Another great thing about Stratum Fluval is that it’s designed to support the growth of nitrifying bacteria. Nitrifying bacteria is essential for maintaining the water quality in the aquarium, as it helps to convert harmful nitrates into less harmful compounds.

As a result, your aquarium water stays clean and healthy, promoting the long-term health of your plants and animals. Aesthetic Value:

Stratum Fluval is known for its beautiful dark coloring, which contrasts well with aquarium plants.

The substrate’s rich coloring has a natural feel, making your aquarium look like a slice of nature. Its unique dark color creates a stunning contrast against colorful plants and fish.

So, if you’re looking to create a natural underwater landscape, Stratum Fluval is perfect for you. Durability:

Stratum Fluval is a durable substrate that can last up to three years in a planted aquarium.

While it decomposes over time, it transforms into a potting mix that still provides essential nutrients to your plants. Having to replace substrate is time consuming & costly and Stratum Fluval solves this issue by being long-lasting.


In conclusion, Stratum Fluval is an excellent choice for those looking for a substrate that supports healthy plant growth and nitrifying bacteria in a planted tank. It’s versatile and can be used in different aquarium sizes and for both aquatic and terrestrial plants.

The substrate is rich in minerals and beneficial nutrients, which are essential for healthy plant growth. Its aesthetics are unique, providing an excellent dark coloring that contrasts well with plants, creating a stunning natural appeal.

The substrate’s durability makes it an excellent investment and thus suitable for long-term aquarium maintenance.

3) A Comprehensive Review of the Stratum Fluval Aquarium Substrate

When it comes to setting up your aquarium, choosing the right substrate is crucial. In this section, we will delve into the various features of Stratum Fluval that make it a great substrate choice for aquarium habitats.


Stratum Fluval is a versatile substrate, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of aquarium sizes and shapes. It’s neutral to moderately acidic pH means it can be used for a variety of aquatic animals that prefer acidic water.

It also provides safety net for baby shrimp, where they can hide from other aggressive fish. This is especially important in densely populated aquariums or breeder tanks.

Furthermore, It can also be used for terrestrial plants and garden beds, making it a multi-purpose product. Lightweight and Non-Compacting:

The porous nature of Stratum Fluval makes it lightweight, allowing for easy handling during installation.

Its non-compacting properties make it easy for plant roots to penetrate and grow, providing essential nutrients to your aquatic plants long-term. As a result, you’re able to enjoy a healthy planted aquarium without issues like root rot, even in areas of high traffic.

Helps Maintain Neutral to Acidic pH Levels:

Maintaining the correct pH level is essential for the survival and health of aquatic animals. Stratum Fluval helps to maintain a neutral to slightly acidic pH level, making it an ideal substrate for those wanting to create an aquatic ecosystem that suits fish and aquatic animals.

It maintains a neutral to slightly acidic pH level, which is required for the survival and good health of aquatic animals considering their normal habitat. Provides Beneficial Nutrients for Plants:

Stratum Fluval is rich in minerals, macro- and micro-nutrients, providing your plants with all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth.

These nutrients stimulate root development and encourage growth for vibrant, healthy plants. The substrate also releases ammonium as an organic source, which enables the growth of beneficial bacteria that performs nitrification, thereby keeping the aquarium’s ecology healthy.

Old Substrate Can Be Used for Potted Plants:

After three years of use in your aquarium, Stratum Fluval will eventually decompose to become a fantastic potting mix for terrestrial plants. This is possible because of its mineral-rich foothills and organic volcanic soil makeup.

This helps promote nutrient-rich soil that benefits a multitude of biological organisms, and new plant growth. Keeps Water Parameters Stable:

Stratum Fluval doesn’t just provide beneficial nutrients for aquatic plants; it also helps keep water parameters stable.

It helps to soften water hardness, reducing discoloration, and lowering the carbonate hardness of your aquarium’s water. These factors are essential in keeping your aquarium environment healthy and keeping your aquatic creatures, and your plants, vibrant.

Offers Hiding Places for Newborn Shrimps:

Shrimps are often the prey of larger fish. A breeder or community tank with Stratum Fluval substrate provides hiding places for newborn shrimp fry.

Its non-compacting properties and fantastic hiding spaces for fry make it ideal for breeding shrimp, providing them with a stress-free, safe environment for growth. Creates an Appealing Appearance:

Stratum Fluval does not only provide function as the substrate’s primary goal; it also creates an appealing appearance.

It is a visually pleasing substrate, enhancing the vibrant colors of aquatic plants and aquatic animals. The dark coloring contrasting with the lovely hues of aquatic plants makes for a beautiful underwater garden that is sure to capture the eye.

4) How Has the Stratum Fluval Substrate Evolved? Fluval has been a leader in substrate development for many years, and Stratum Fluval is a result of this innovative spirit.

The Stratum Fluval we know today has evolved through multiple eras, building on the experience and feedback gained from the substrate’s earlier versions. The latest version of Stratum Fluval was designed to improve nutrient availability and prevent early decomposition.

It evolved from Stratum, with adjustments made to enhance plant growth and durability. The company improved its organic mineral and nutrient content, making it a more effective substrate for aquatic plant growth.

It also increased its mechanical strength, making it an ideal product for long-term aquarium maintenance. With Stratum Fluval, Fluval has continued to innovate and improve through continual feedback, ensuring that each subsequent product release exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Stratum Fluval is a testimony to the Fluval company’s commitment to finding the perfect balance between aesthetics, function, and durability. In conclusion, Stratum Fluval is an excellent choice for a planted aquarium substrate that offers various benefits.

Its versatility, non-compacting properties, pH level maintenance, essential nutrient provisions, old substrate utilization situation, water quality maintenance, hiding spaces creation, and excellent appearance make it an ideal option for aquatic habitats. Various substrate improvements have continued to make Stratum Fluval a durable and effective product for use in any aquarium.

5) Conclusion:

Selecting the best aquarium substrate is crucial in ensuring the health of your aquatic ecosystem. Stratum Fluval is an excellent choice, especially for planted aquariums and shrimps, as it provides necessary nutrients and helps maintain water parameters.

It caters to a wide range of aquarium environments such as high-pH environments for betta fish. Let’s take a closer look at why Stratum Fluval is an ideal substrate for your aquarium.

Plants: One of the primary benefits of Stratum Fluval is its ability to promote healthy plant growth. Plants require essential minerals, macro- and micro-nutrients, and Stratum Fluval provides these in abundance.

Its porous nature also allows easy root penetration, reducing the likelihood of root rot and giving plants the necessary anchorage. As a result, your aquarium plants grow stronger and healthier, contributing to a beautiful underwater garden.

Shrimp: Stratum Fluval also provides an ideal environment for shrimp. Its non-compacting properties, along with its ability to maintain a neutral to slightly acidic pH level, create a stress-free environment for shrimp to thrive.

The substrate’s porous nature provides a breeding ground and hiding places for shrimp fry, improving population control. High-pH Environments: Stratum Fluval provides an excellent substrate for betta fish and other aquatic animals that enjoy high pH environments.

Its unique mineral-rich foothills and organic volcanic soil makeup helps to promote a suitable aquatic environment for such species. It also offers a stable pH balance, bringing a suitable level of base saturation into the aquarium’s environment.

Substrate Recommendation: When selecting aquarium substrates, it’s important to choose one that promotes healthy aquatic life. Stratum Fluval is an excellent choice due to its versatility, nutritional benefits, non-compacting properties, and durability.

It offers an all-natural solution that is perfect for maintaining the health of your aquatic plant and underwater animal species. In summary, Stratum Fluval is the best substrate for planted aquariums and shrimps.

Its high nutrient value, non-compacting properties, pH level stability, and other features make it the perfect substrate recommendation. Regardless of the aquatic habitat you desire, ensure to choose the best substrate which provides the necessary support and nutrition for healthy aquatic life in your aquarium, and Stratum Fluval ticks all the boxes.

In conclusion, choosing the right aquarium substrate is essential to maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Stratum Fluval is a fantastic choice due to its versatility, nutritional value, pH level maintenance, and non-compacting properties, which create healthy conditions for aquatic plants and animals such as shrimps and betta fish.

Its organic and mineral-rich soil composition is always beneficial for all kinds of aquariums. Regardless of the aquariums’ size and habitat, Stratum Fluval provides the best substrate recommendation.

So, when considering substrates for your aquarium, choose Stratum Fluval, and ensure your plants and animals live long, healthy lives.

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