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Discover the Beauty and Care Guide for Peacock Cichlid Fish

Peacock Cichlid Overview

If you’re a fish lover or a seasoned aquarium enthusiast, you’ve probably come across the beautiful Peacock Cichlid. Native to Lake Malawi in East Africa, the Peacock Cichlid is a freshwater fish that’s sought after by many for its colorful appearance and friendly demeanor.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Peacock Cichlid, discussing everything from its origins to its behavior and care needs.

Origins and Regional Distribution

As aforementioned, the Peacock Cichlid is native to Lake Malawi in East Africa. Lake Malawi is a large lake that’s home to a wide variety of fish species, including the Peacock Cichlid.

The lake is located in the southeastern part of Africa, within the countries of Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The Peacock Cichlid shares the lake with other popular fish species like the Mbuna Cichlid and Haplochromis.

Appearance: Types, Colors & Size

One of the most notable characteristics of the Peacock Cichlid is its stunning color. These fish come in various vibrant shades, including blue, yellow, red, and orange.

There are also some color variants, including the German Red and Ob Peacock, that are highly sought after by aquarium owners. In terms of size, Peacock Cichlids can grow up to around six inches in length.

Males are usually larger and more brightly colored than females. Males also sport elongated fins, while females have a rounder body shape.


Peacock Cichlids are known for their friendly and semi-aggressive nature. While they are not as aggressive as some tropical fish species, they still have a tendency to defend their territory.

Peacock Cichlids are known to be relatively easygoing, especially compared to other Cichlid species.

Peacock Cichlid Care Guide

Tank Size and Environment

When it comes to tank size, the general rule is to have at least a 55-gallon tank for one Peacock Cichlid. If you plan to keep more than one, you’ll need to add an additional 20 gallons per fish.

The aquarium setup should mimic the natural environment of Lake Malawi. This includes a sandy substrate, plenty of hiding places, and rock formations.

It’s also important to note that Peacock Cichlids do best in a species-only tank, as they can be territorial. If you want to add other fish species to the same tank, it’s important to select species that are compatible with Peacock Cichlids.


Peacock Cichlids are omnivorous, meaning they eat both meat and plant matter. They can survive on a diet of flakes and pellets, but it’s recommended to supplement with other foods like brine shrimp, bloodworms, and small/live foods to meet their dietary needs.

It’s important to avoid overfeeding, as Peacock Cichlids are prone to Malawi bloat- a condition caused by overeating.


Peacock Cichlids are mouthbrooders, meaning that the female carries the eggs in her mouth until they hatch. To breed Peacock Cichlids, you’ll need to set up a separate breeding tank that’s free of any other fish.

The temperature of the breeding tank should be around 78-82F, and the pH level should be between 7.8-8.6. Peacock Cichlids can lay up to 50 eggs, and the pregnancy period is around three weeks.


If you provide the ideal environment for your Peacock Cichlid, they can live up to 8-10 years. As aforementioned, a 55-gallon tank is a minimum requirement for one fish, but a larger tank can help promote a longer lifespan.

Additionally, maintaining optimal water conditions- including proper pH levels, temperature, and water cleanliness- is essential for the longevity of your Peacock Cichlid. In conclusion, Peacock Cichlids are a popular freshwater fish species known for their vibrant colors and friendly behavior.

They require a 55-gallon tank or larger and a tank setup that mimics their natural environment in Lake Malawi. Feeding them a well-rounded diet and keeping their water conditions optimal can help promote a long lifespan.

While they can be territorial, Peacock Cichlids are relatively easygoing and make for a great addition to most community aquariums. The Peacock Cichlid is a popular freshwater fish species known for its colorful appearance and friendly behavior.

Native to Lake Malawi in East Africa, it requires a tank setup that mimics its natural environment, a well-rounded diet and optimal water conditions for longevity. Peacock Cichlids can be territorial, making them best suited to a species-only tank.

However, they are relatively easygoing and make for a great addition to most community aquariums. Overall, by following the care guide and understanding the characteristics of this fish, you can create a thriving and beautiful aquarium that showcases the stunning beauty of the Peacock Cichlid.

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