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Choosing the Best Tank Mates for Snowflake Eels: A Complete Guide

Snowflake Eel Tank Mate Considerations

If you are considering adding a snowflake eel to your aquarium, it is essential to factor in their temperament, size, and tank setup when choosing compatible tankmates. Snowflake eels are territorial and can be aggressive towards others, making it crucial to select peaceful tankmates to minimize conflict.


A snowflake eel’s natural competitive nature makes them aggressive during feeding time. In a shared tank, their aggression could lead to competition for food, which may cause conflicts with other species.

Therefore, it’s important to consider feeding times when choosing tankmates.


Snowflake eels can grow up to 24 inches long, and as they grow, their prey size increases. It’s important to factor in prey size as it may impact their interaction with other species.

For example, smaller organisms like crustaceans may be seen as food options, causing conflict with other members of the tank. Parameters; Tank Setup

When designing the tank, it’s important to consider the size of the tank, hiding places, and filtration systems.

Snowflake eels require at least a 50-gallon tank. They prefer to have hiding places, like rocks and corals, to help replicate their natural habitats.

You may need a specialized filtration system to support the water quality in the tank.

The 15 Best Snowflake Eel Tank Mates

When looking to add other species to your snowflake eel tank, it is important to choose suitable fish, crabs, and other organisms that thrive and have compatible temperaments. 1.

Lionfish – relatively peaceful and have compatible predatory instincts

2. Yellow Tang – excellent algae- and detritus-eaters


Marine Betta – can thrive in the same conditions as snowflake eels

4. Picasso Triggerfish – can eat the same foods which can minimize competition


Yellow Longnose Butterfly Fish – relatively peaceful and do not compete for comestibles

6. Emperor Angelfish – has a unique diet that does not overlap with snowflake eels, and their unique shapes complement each other.

7. Foxface Rabbitfish – Peaceful and territorial, making a good match with the less territorial snowflake eels.

8. Brittle Sea Star – bottom-dwelling species and clean-up crew that can help keep the tank clean.

9. Porcupine Pufferfish – unique shape, size, and similar dietary needs make them a good match for snowflake eels.

10. Panther Grouper – Some species can coexist with snowflake eels and have similar dietary needs.

11. Reef Triggerfish – omnivorous and are relatively peaceful.

12. Sand Sifting Starfish – a clean-up crew that lives in the substrate and can help keep the tank clean.

13. Blue Tuxedo Urchin – can help keep the tank clean and adds a unique visual element.

14. Serpent Sea Star – can help keep the tank clean and adds a unique visual element.

15. Leopard Wrasse -can fulfill similar dietary requirements as snowflake eels and are peaceful.

Temperament of Snowflake Eels

Snowflake eels have a relatively docile nature and coexist well with different marine life if other species are carefully selected. They are usually more peaceful and easygoing, provided the tank and other species’ needs are met.

Aggressiveness at Feeding Time

Snowflake eels’ natural competitive nature makes them aggressive during feeding times. During this time, it’s critical to pay close attention to their behavior to avoid conflicts with other species in the tank.

Consider feeding them separately or setting up a feeding time schedule to minimize competition.

General Docile Nature

Snowflake eels, for the most part, are docile and easygoing. It is essential to take note of their temperament, feeding times, and tank parameters when selecting other organisms to coexist with.

Proper planning and management can help reduce the risk of conflicts and ensure the health and happiness of the snowflake eels and their tankmates. In conclusion, adding compatible tankmates to your snowflake eel tank requires careful consideration of several factors, including temperament, size, and tank setup.

They are generally peaceful, but their natural competitiveness during feeding times makes it crucial to set up a feeding schedule and choose compatible species. With proper planning and management, your snowflake eels can create a unique and fascinating addition to your aquarium.

Size Requirements for Snowflake Eel Tank Mates

When considering fish and other organisms to coexist with snowflake eels, it’s essential to factor in their size. A snowflake eel will grow up to 24 inches in length, and therefore, it is recommendable to choose a minimum size of 4-5 inches for the other species in the tank.

Feeding Competition

Another factor to consider when selecting compatible tank mates for snowflake eels is feeding competition. Snowflake eels have an aggressive feeding behavior, and it’s important to ensure enough food for all the species in the tank.

Feeding times should be consistent and regular, and foods should be appropriate for each species’ dietary needs.

Parameters and Tank Setup for Snowflake Eels

Snowflake eels require specific setup and parameters to live comfortably and healthily in an aquarium. Here are some of the most significant considerations when designing your snowflake eel tank.

Minimum Tank


Snowflake eels require a 75-gallon or larger tank. They grow to over two feet in length, and an inadequate tank can cause stress, which increases the likelihood of infections and diseases.

Need for Hiding Places

Snowflake eels are natural hiders, and providing them with hiding places is crucial. Rock formations and crevices provide shelter for the snowflake eels, which can also contribute to their sense of security.

PVC pipes, caves, and tunnels can also provide suitable hiding places for your snowflake eel.

Common Tank Decorations

Snowflake eels thrive with decorations that allow them to hide and feel secure. Adding rock formations and crevices in the bottom of the tank can provide them with hiding spots.

PVC pipes, caves, and tunnels can also act as hiding places. Snowflake eels are non-aggressive towards plants, so you can add some aquatic vegetation to the tank.

Reef Tank Considerations

If you are planning a reef tank with snowflake eels, there are several things to consider. Snowflake eels are different from other species of eels, notably, moray eels, that tend to feed on live coral.

Although snowflake eels are not coral feeders, it is essential to take note of ways to prevent any damage to the coral in the tank.

Coral Damage

Snowflake eels are generally reef safe as they do not feed on coral. However, they have a unique behavior of burrowing and excavating substrates, which may affect the corals or other decorations in the tank.

Investing in epoxy putty or specialized cement can secure the corals in place or provide additional stability for them.


A well-designed filtration system is essential for a reef tank because coral is sensitive to changes in water quality. Snowflake eels produce a significant amount of waste and therefore, require filters that have enough capacity to handle the tank’s water volume.

Escape Prevention

Snowflake eels have a tendency to escape from their tanks, primarily when they are stressed or unhappy. Therefore, you should ensure that the aquarium filter’s intake and output pipes are covered.

Adding a tight-fitting lid which is adequately secured is also recommended. In conclusion, designing a comfortable and healthy environment for snowflake eels and their tankmates requires attention to detail.

Providing adequate hiding spots for your snowflake eel, selecting appropriate-sized tankmates, and designing a filtration system that takes note of the unique characteristics of snowflake eels will go a long way in ensuring their longevity and well-being. Additionally, reef tanks require special considerations, including preventing coral damage, filtration for water quality, and escape prevention.

The 15 Best Snowflake Eel Tank Mates

When selecting tank mates for snowflake eels, it’s essential to take note of appropriate tank size, temperament, and dietary needs. Here are the 15 best snowflake eel tank mates that meet these requirements:



Lionfish are a beautiful and unique addition to a snowflake eel tank. However, they are venomous and require a minimum of a 125-gallon tank.

Lionfish are carnivorous, and their diets match well with snowflake eels. 2.

Yellow Tang

Yellow Tangs are suitable tank mates for snowflake eels as they are herbivores and rarely interact with other species. They aid in cleaning the tank by consuming algae.

3. Marine Betta

Marine Bettas are peaceful fish that match well with snowflake eels provided there is sufficient hiding space available.

This species is territorial and does best when given enough space and resources. 4.

Picasso Triggerfish

Picasso Triggerfish are known for their beautiful and colorful markings, and their feeding habits make them suitable tank mates for snowflake eels. They are omnivorous and have a strong, robust disposition.

5. Yellow Longnose Butterfly Fish

Yellow Longnose Butterfly Fish have an even-tempered nature that pairs well with the snowflake eels’ aggression.

They are omnivorous and require a varied diet that includes both meaty and plant-based offerings. 6.

Emperor Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish are omnivorous and require proper care to thrive in a tank. They require a large tank size with adequate hiding places and a varied diet.

7. Foxface Rabbitfish

Foxface Rabbitfish are venomous, and their feeding habits make them compatible with snowflake eels.

They are herbivores and are generally peaceful. 8.

Brittle Sea Star

The Brittle Sea Star is peaceful and serves as a valuable tank cleaner. They aid in aeration by stirring up substrate and filtering the water.

9. Porcupine Pufferfish

Porcupine Pufferfish are known for their fun personality and unique character.

They require a varied diet that includes live or frozen foods. 10.

Panther Grouper

Panther Grouper requires a large tank and provide an aesthetically-pleasing addition to the tank. They are carnivorous and require a diet mainly consisting of meaty offerings.

11. Reef Triggerfish

Reef Triggerfish are omnivorous and require relatively little care.

They are an excellent addition to a snowflake eel tank due to their even-tempered nature and peaceful disposition. 12.

Sand Sifting Starfish

Sand Sifting Starfish clean substrate to aid in the overall tank’s cleanliness and beauty. This species is peaceful and great for a reef tank.

13. Blue Tuxedo Urchin

Blue Tuxedo Urchins are small, attractive, and effective tank cleaners.

They aid in keeping the algae growth in check and help keep the overall tank clean. 14.

Serpent Sea Star

Serpent Sea Stars are an attractive addition to a snowflake eel tank. They are peaceful and serve to aid in tank cleaning.

15. Leopard Wrasse

Leopard Wrasse are difficult to care for but provide an aesthetically-pleasing addition to a snowflake eel tank.

They are carnivorous and require a meaty diet. In conclusion, choosing the appropriate tank mates for a snowflake eel tank requires thoughtful consideration of factors like tank size, temperament, and dietary needs.

Each of the 15 best snowflake eel tank mates listed above provides a unique contribution to the overall beauty and health of the tank, providing tank owners with various options to choose from. Snowflake eel tank mate considerations require careful planning to ensure that each species thrives together.

When selecting tank mates for snowflake eels, factors like size, temperament, and dietary needs must be taken into account. Choosing the right tank mates, including lionfish, yellow tangs, and the Porcupine Pufferfish, among others, requires knowledge and thoughtfulness for the overall health and well-being of the tank.

By following the guidelines for proper setup, feeding, and selecting tank mates, aquarium owners can provide a healthy and thriving environment for snowflake eels and their tankmates.

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